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Using Your Tax Return to Build Wealth Through Homeownership!

February 25, 2019 8:29 pm
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Use Your Tax Return as a Down Payment on a New Home

Your tax return provides a great opportunity to stop renting and invest in homeownership.

Have you considered putting your tax refund towards a down payment or to help cover closing costs on a new home? It’s possible this opportunity could provide financial growth and stability for your family!

With mortgage programs like FHA Loans, USDA, and more, all requiring a down payment of less than 20%, tax returns provide an exceptional opportunity for anyone looking to purchase a home. Some mortgage loans require as little as 0% to 3.5% down. Your refund alone could get you close to 3.5% or help cover closing costs on a new home.

Your dream home may be closer to your reach than you thought!

Talk to a Trulend Mortgage loan officer about buying your dream home and see how much your refund will help.


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This post was written by Aaron Cottle