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Popular Kitchen Trends and Renovations

June 18, 2019 8:57 pm
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Kitchen Trends and Renovations that Pay Off

Making your kitchen look like the staged pictures you see everywhere can seem impossible to some home owners. It doesn’t have to be true if you know what you want in your kitchen. These are some of the most popular and new designs that you’ll see in modern kitchens. The most popular design lately has been the transitional style homes. These homes match traditional cabinets and marble counter tops with more modern lighting and decorations.

Color and Decorating

The popular designs lately all look very smooth and clean. Lighter colors like white will make a space look more modern but bigger also. Combining some subtle colors with the white will look even better.

Lately we’re seeing matte black become a popular choice for appliances, cabinets and back splashes. This gives you a great place to contrast with some colors and make them stand out. A combination of black and white can avoid a situation of having too much of either color. Back splashes are often the first thing done in a home renovation because of the appeal it gives a kitchen. A white or grey back splash is the most popular choice.


There are so many choices for appliances that it can be hard to make a decision now. A lot of people are choosing modern looks in their kitchens, which means sleek and energy efficient appliances and fixtures. You can even get a lot of appliances that will work with your voice or an app. Touchscreen controls are quickly growing in popularity because of their look and the smaller space it can take up. Black, nickel and chrome are quickly becoming the best selling colors for appliances, but have not passed the combination of black and white yet.

Floors and Walls

A lot of floors that are being remodeled lately are moving over to tiles, especially for kitchen floors. These are the easiest to clean but vinyl and laminates are popular as well. The trend for walls is to have as much open space in your home as you can. A lot of renovations have started taking out walls to achieve this popular type of design.

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